Vanya वन्या means "the spirit of the forest" in Sanskrit.

Creating color from nature is an age-old tradition that dates back thousands of years. Foraging for plant material is a gratifying process that connects us to the Earth and our ancestors. My personal journey into natural dyeing began shortly after traveling to Indonesia to source handwoven textiles. During that time, I stayed with weavers and artisans learning about the process that goes into creating cloth. I became fascinated with the wisdom that's been passed down through generations, and the different methods of extracting pigment from plants.

From Farm to Fiber.

My dyes are derived from various herbs, roots, berries, bark, leaves and flowers. I use plants that are either grown in my garden or foraged locally in the wild.

Inspired by nature. Infused with spirit.

Working with nature means the colors shift depending on the season. Our botanical prints are dictated by the petals grown in the spring and summer while our eco-prints are inspired by the fall foliage. Each piece must undergo it's on personal alchemical process, transforming every textile into its very own story. In the end, a physical and energetic imprint of the plant becomes infused into the fibers.

The beauty of natural dyes is they only work on natural fibers.  All our textiles are made from 100% plant based or animal fibers including cotton, hemp, linen, silk and wool. All fabrics are pre-scoured and go through a mordant bath before they enter the dye pot. Some mordants used include alum salt, oak galls, salt water and acorn tannins.

Vanya was born from meditations and conversations with the Earth.

As humans, we have adorned ourselves in clothes since the day we were born, but little do most people know about the process that goes into creating cloth. Sadly, the fashion industry is one of the most detrimental to our environment. Synthetic dye houses are one of the top leaders in polluting our world's water. However, natural dyes are completely bio-degradable and when the textile gets disposed of, it can be returned back to the landscape.

My creations are designed to reflect my values while weaving together my love for nature. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand and all materials are sourced with awareness and intention. I believe in the beauty of "slow craft" and my work is a reflection of that.